Size Chart

To establishing your belt size, you must first know your waist size. An accurate way of taking this measurement is whilst wearing a pair of jeans, next you must place a measuring tape or a piece of string through the loops on the waist of the jeans and record the length. This measurement is your waist size.
HBCo sizes belts on a scale of XS to XL. Using the table below you will be able to find your HBCo belt size in relation to your waist measurement.
HBCo belts are measured from where the leather strap meets the base of the buckle, also known as 'the fold', to the centre hole of the belt. If the belt does not have holes then this measurement is taken 7inches / 18cm from the tip of the leather strap.
Waist Size in Inches3032343638
Waist Size in cm7681869197
Belt Size in Inches3234363840
Belt Size in cm80859095100

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