Halcyon Belt Company: The Story So Far

Our Story

I used to brag to all my friends at school. Growing up I knew that my Father made some of the finest leather belts in the world.

This was reflected in his customers. There were orders from Paul Smith, Comme des Garçon, Oliver Spencer, Fred Perry and Margaret Howell to name a few.

Founded by my Father in his late teens, Halcyon Belt Company existed primarily to provide high-quality leather accessories to some of the world's finest fashion brands. Our hand-made Halcyon leather belts could be found in all the finest fashion boutiques in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and more...

But in the early 90s, Halcyon hit a rebellious phase. With a vigour that only youth can bring, my Father began to scratch, beat and batter the leather. Like a manic artist, he began using stains and acids, experimenting with antique finishes on brass and pewter buckles.

Combining these beaten leathers and the aged buckles, my Father crafted a truly inspired debut collection of antiqued and worn leather belts, The Halcyon Belts Classics.

Fast forward 20 years on from that debut and the next generation have taken the helm. My brother and I have been making leather belts since we were tall enough to reach the workbench and we are very excited to be taking the tradition and experience of Halcyon Belt Company and breathing new life and vigour into our upcoming Legacy collection.